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Below you can find information about the services provided by Inergia as well as information for contacting us, visiting our premises or getting a grid/water connection for a cottage/home/real estate in construction.

What do we do?

Inergia Oy is a local company providing basic utilities for modern living in Northern Lapland, in municipalities of Inari and Utsjoki.

We take care of water supply and handle waste water as well as distribution of electricity and grid connections. We also offer an ecological and local district heating for homes and business real estates.

Renting an apartment?

When you move to Inari or Utsjoki, you need to make your own contract for electricity and water supply with us. The easiest way to this is to contact our customer service online or give us a call.

When contacting us, we will ask you the following information:

  • the address of the property you intend to move into
  • your Finnish Personal Identity Code
  • your id, e.g. passport.

Since we own the power grid, you buy the distribution of electricity from us.

Please notice: in addition to this you also need to purchase the electric energy from a Finnish power supplier of your choosing – for example based on price or the origin of the electricity, there are numerous companies to choose from.

Electricity contract

The price of electric energy is also called selling price. The pricing of electric energy is free and the seller of electric energy can use the price structure and level of their choosing in their pricing. Electric energy user chooses the most suitable bidding price for themselves from the bidding prices offered by different companies. The price of electric energy is affected by the prices of fuels used for electricity production, such as the prices of coal and natural gas. The price of emissions permit as well as electricity demand also have an affect on the prices of electric energy.

The prices of electricity can and should be compared. This and asking for bids for an electricity contract can be done in the page of Finnish Energy Authority . Electricity contract can be changed by calling the electricity seller. Inergia and its subcompanies offer the services of transmission of electricity in Northern Lapland.

Contact us

We are here for you.



Mon-Fri 09:00 – 15:00.

NB! Offices are open Mon-Thu – on Fridays please give us a call or use our online services email and/or chat.

tel. +358 (0) 16 663 200*



Regarding electricity network or district heating please call: +358 (0) 40 636 29 88*

Regarding water connection please call: +358 (0) 40 636 29 89*

Regarding district heating please call: +358 (0) 40 636 2985

*Please notice the phone numbers are unable to receive SMS messages.

Customer service open

Mon-Thu from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Contact us!

OFFICE In ivalo

Sairaalantie 3a

99800 IVALO

OFFICE In utsjoki

Utsjoentie 38


get a grid connection

In case you need a grid connection, please fill the application.

In the need of a grid connection, please contact our customer service, in good time. The customer service works together with our project engineer who needs the following information for the basis of planning:

  • the size of connection for the real estate
  • plot plan
  • information about the purposed use of the building
  • the route for the planned connection cable
  • information about extension reservations

After receiving the information, the engineer makes an offer for the grid connection. If the offer is accepted a connection contract between the customer and Tunturiverkko Oy will be made and the customer needs to pay the grid connection payment. The construction of a grid connection starts when the grid connection payment is payed. The construction can take up to 8-12 weeks during spring and summer time depending on work situation and the connection location since the construction of a grid connection can require building a new transformer substation or negotiations about the cable route with the land owners in the area. In detached houses and summerhouses the construction time is typically shorter as new connections are being constructed after the last one is made. The most common size of a circuit breaker in detached or summer houses is 3x25A and the electricity planning should be made by a professional. The sizing of the main circuit breaker is the customer’s responsibility and Tunturiverkko Oy defines the size of the needed connection cable.

The customer can start electricity installations in their plot at the same time. Only contractors who have an electricity qualification are allowed to make electricity installations.

In case the customer or the customer’s contractor needs a worksite electricity center that can be ordered for example from  Ellappi Oy.

the terms of Network service:

get a water connection

In case you need a grid connection, please contact Inarin Lapin Vesi Oy’s HVAC engineer, Marko Tervaniemi (marko.tervaniemi (@)

For the planning of a real estate’s water and sewer network Inarin Lapin Vesi Oy gives the information concerning the connection location. These information include the point of connection, the pressure level of the water cable in the connection point as well as the connection height of the waste water sewer.

After receiving the information the builder needs to deliver the water cable and sewer system plans of the real estate to Inarin Lapin Vesi Oy. The plans need to be made and built according to Finland’s building code D1. The plans are delivered in two series of which another will be returned accepted to the customer.

Plan drawings:

Plot plan for example 1:500

Floor plan of the building, water and sewer appliances 1:50 or 1:100


Starting information for planning and inspection of the plans:

HVAC engineer, Marko Tervaniemi (marko.tervaniemi (@) / +35840 826 7554

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